Where to find the settings menu

The settings menu is at the bottom left of your screen, indicated with a cog icon.

Once you click on this a new page will open (as below). If you have a group of settings, and you have access to all of these, you can navigate to the settings menu of each one, using the drop-down menu.

You can also access your personal account settings from here, using the 'My account' button on the top left.

Overview of the settings menu

The settings menu is where you can find the options to make changes to some of the most basic functions in the app.

To edit information in the settings menu, you'll need the 'Edit opening hours, info etc.' permission enabled.

  • General

    • Information

    • Opening hours
      Set your setting's opening hours here

    • Closure days

    • Privacy
      Control how you handle personal information in your setting.

  • Rooms

  • Children

    • Age groups
      Group children by age and specify the staff ratio and maximum capacity for each group. Age groups can then be used as filters in Room Planning and Occupancy Report.

  • Staff

  • Parents

    • This setting allows parents to assign logins to any additional contacts to access their child's Famly account. If turned off, only Staff members can invite additional contacts.

  • Communication

    • Messaging
      Control what information is shown in Messaging, and who can initiate conversations with whom.

    • News Feed
      Control how you share information in Newsfeed, and connect your posts to external platforms such as Facebook and your website.

  • Finances

  • Bookings
    Here you can turn on notifications to alert staff when a child is signed in but isn't booked in. If turned off, these notifications will be blocked.

    You can also block parents from being able to request bookings after 6pm for the following day.

  • Child development

    • Learning frameworks
      Turn on or off which curriculums and frameworks you reference or work within in your setting

    • Parent observations
      Turning this setting off blocks parents from being able to make child observations from home.

  • Meal plans
    Specify which types of meals your nursery provides.

  • Safeguarding
    Enable or disable the Head counts feature

  • Sign in/out
    Enable or disable a Pin code being required for signing children in and out. After entering the pin code, contacts will only be able to see the children they are responsible for, while staff will only be able to see themselves. You must use the URL pin.famly.co once turned on.

  • Staffing
    Turn on or off approval for staff leave

    Turning this setting on will make it a requirement for leave to be accepted or rejected by a manager. In other words, staff (or others without the “Manage staff attendance and leave records” permission) must send all leave requests for approval. If turned off, staff can simply add their own leave without manager approval.

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