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Parent to Parent Messaging

You can choose whether to allow parent to parent messaging in the app. Click in to the Settings menu, select Communication, then Messaging. Here you'll see the option to toggle on or off parent to parent messaging.

"Seen by" Receipts

Turning off your “Seen by” receipts allows you to have control over whether the sender of a message knows you’ve read it. This can be useful to manage parental expectations, and allow staff to use their discretion about whether a reply is required straight away, especially outside of setting hours.

Where can I turn off "Seen by" receipts?

This feature is found in the Settings section of Famly. Once you’re in the Settings menu, select Communication, then Messaging.

Employees with the ‘Manage enabling/disabling features’ permission can make these changes.

Here’s how it looks:

  • The top button allows you to toggle “Seen by” receipts on and off entirely.

  • The second button allows you to choose whether you’d like parents and carers to see whether their message has been read by a member of staff at your setting.

  • The third button allows you to choose whether a member of staff can see whether a manager has yet read a message sent to them.

I need more help:

  • Find out more about choosing which messages and notifications you receive.

  • To learn more about permissions within Famly, this article will help you

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