Parents 🧸: Add or Remove Your Child's Contacts

Add and invite contacts to your child's profile

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Not all settings give parents access to add, assign, or remove roles on a child's profile. If you're unsure, check with your child's setting.

Adding a Contact to your Child's Profile in Famly

Before you can add an additional contact person to a child, you need to have the name of the person and their email address.

To add a contact:

  • Head to your child's profile

  • Find the Contacts tab and tap on Add Contact in the top right-hand corner.

  • Now, just fill in the relevant fields for your new contact and assign them a login type:

Choosing the type of login to Famly for your child's contacts

As you'll see above, you have three options to choose from when it comes to Send Login.

  • No login - where the contact has no access to the child's Famly profile

  • Parent login - where the contact has access to everything regarding the child in Famly.

  • Family login - where the contact can collect the child from the setting, as well as view the news feed. Learn more about the Family log in here:

You can also give a contact access to your child's profile later on.

To do this:

  • Log into Famly

  • Navigate to your child's profile and tap on the Contacts tab

  • Choose the contact you wish to send a login to and tap Give Login

  • Now, select the role you would like to assign to that contact person.

  • Finish inviting them by pressing the Send Invitation button.

Removing a Contact's Login

To remove a contact's login:

  • Navigate to your child's profile and tap on the Contacts tab

  • Choose the contact whose login you'd like to remove (please note, you can only remove logins for contacts that have been assigned a Family role. If you'd like to remove another parent's login, you'll need to contact the nursery and request they do this for you)

  • Tap on the Role: Family box and select Remove Login

  • Tap on the Remove Login button to save your changes

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