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Parents 🧸: Manage your notifications in Famly
Parents 🧸: Manage your notifications in Famly
Your child's setting will share information with you in Famly, you can decide which notifications you receive.
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Where to see your notifications in the Famly app

Famly uses notifications for highlighting specific things happening in your child's day, and in their setting, in order to keep you up to date.

In the Famly app, notifications are symbolised by the bell in the upper right corner (next to the message icon). A new notification is indicated by a red dot with the number of new notifications. (see below)


How do I open and view my notifications?

To view your notifications from your child's setting, you can click on the bell icon and a drop-down list will open. A notification is marked as read when you click on it, which will make the greyish background tone disappear.


Control Which Notifications You Receive

In your personal settings, you are able to control which notifications you receive and how you want to receive them. To manage your notifications in Famly:

  • Log in to Famly

  • Click your photo in the top right corner

  • Select My account

  • Click the Notifications and Messaging tab to see the Notifications menu

  • Use the tick-boxes to choose which type of notifications you'd like (as below)

Push is a notification popping up directly on your phone screen
Email is an email to the account you use for logging in to Famly
In Famly is a notification showing within Famly

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