Parents 🧸: What happens when your child leaves the setting?

What happens to all your child's information in Famly, when they leave the setting?

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How do I access my child's profile once they've left the setting?

Your child leaving a setting is a big change in their life (and yours), but Famly makes it easy to save the memories of their time there, as well as the records of all their development and learning.
Providing the setting your child attended does not revoke your log in to Famly, you should be able to access your child's profile as long as you wish to. You can find your child's profile, their observations and assessments, along with their tagged photos and your current fees balance, by doing the following:

  • Log in to Famly as normal,

  • Clicking on your photo in the upper right corner of your screen

  • Select 'graduated children' from the drop-down menu (as below).

How do I view photos after my child has left?

After your child leaves, you'll be able to see photos of your child you previously 'tagged' from the Newsfeed to their profile. Once you're on your child's profile (as described above), simply click on the Activity tab, and scroll down. On the left, you'll see their photos.
For photos taken as part of observations, these will appear in the Journey tab, with the observations.

Will I still have access to news from their old setting?

Once your child leaves the setting, you'll no longer see posts on the setting's News feed.
If your child has a sibling who still attends the setting, you'll be able to access Famly as normal, as long as you are assigned a Parent role (in Famly) to your child's sibling too.

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