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All about interacting on posts and observations about your child

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The Newsfeed

When you log in to the app, the first page you land on is your Newsfeed. Here you will see:

  • Status updates about your child, during their day.

  • Posts from your child's setting to all parents, or groups of parents, such as all the parents in your child's room.

  • Photos and observations about your child, that only you can see.

  • Receive your invoice (again, only you can see this).

The Newsfeed is essentially your child's setting's virtual bulletin board, so they can choose to use it in their own way.

Interacting with posts

If your child's setting chooses to allow interactions on a post it, you can 'like' the post with the heart icon, or 'comment' with text and photos (as below)

N.B. You can only add photos to a Newsfeed post, not an observation or assessment of your child.

Saving a photo from the Newsfeed to your child's profile by 'tagging'

If your setting posts a photo of your child to the Newsfeed, you can save it to their profile by tagging it. Find out more about tagging a photo at the link below:

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