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Your child's profile

Once a child is entered into the Famly platform, a profile will automatically be created. As a contact you may be given a 'parent' role, or a 'family' role. Depending on this, you may have different levels of access and abilities.

I have more than one child in a nursery, how can I access both of their profiles?

It is easy to access more than one child in Famly via a single login. In order to do this you must contact your child's setting and ask that they add you as the Parent role in Famly for all of your children.

It is important that you use the same email address in the Parent role for all your children.

The Activity tab

The About tab

The Contacts tab

The Bookings tab

The Journey tab

The Notes tab

The Notes is for any other information, or relevant documents.

The Reports tab

What happens to my child's profile when they leave the setting?

Providing the setting your child attended does not revoke your log in to Famly, you should be able to access your child's profile as long as you wish to. Find your child's profile, along with their tagged photos, by clicking the link below:

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