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There are a number of ways siblings can be connected on Famly. This article will guide you through both options.

ℹ️ Make sure to enable the Manage linking of siblings permission for the relevant staff members for them to use this feature

The Children Section

If you are adding a new child to Famly that has a sibling (or siblings) currently enrolled at your nursery, you can connect them in the Children section of your setup in Get started. To do so:

  • Click on Get started in your sidebar

  • Select Children

  • Click on Add child

Clicking on Add child will open up the Child information form, where you can add any details about this child, including their Name, Gender, Classroom, Birthday, and Registration date. You also have the option to connect a sibling in the Connect to a sibling dropdown.

It's important that you enter the Relation to the child from here if you would like for contact data to sync in the future. To avoid duplicate children being created, Famly will let you know if you've already created a child profile with the same name with a link to their profile:

When a sibling is connected, you will see the option to copy the sibling's contacts to the new child's profile if these are shared contacts. You can choose to Select all or tick each contact individually:

Once you're ready, click Continue to create this child's profile - including their linked sibling.

If you'd like to get an overview of connected siblings for a child, you can head to their profile and click on their Family tab. The next part of this article will guide you through how to manage contacts and siblings from there.

The Family Tab

From the Family tab on a child's profile, you'll be able to see:

  • A child's contacts and information about them (and have the ability to add new contacts)

  • A child's siblings (and the ability to connect siblings)

To access the Family tab:

  • Use the search function to search for a child

  • Click on the Family tab

To connect a sibling from the Family tab, click on the Connect sibling button in the Siblings section:

Then search for the sibling you'd like to link. In this example, we're going to connect Marty Freedman to Anton Freedman. Use the search bar to look for Marty:

Clicking on Marty Freedman will show a list of contacts that are linked to his profile, that you can copy over to Anton's profile if they are shared contacts for both children. You can choose to Select all or tick each contact individually:

Clicking on Continue will connect the siblings and you can view, unlink, or connect more siblings from this section at any time:

Success! Anton and Marty have now been connected as siblings.

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