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Parents 🧸: The 'Family' role log in
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Not all settings allow parents to edit roles- if you're in doubt, please check with your child's setting.

The Family role

When adding contacts to your child's profile, you can usually choose the type of login you to give those contacts (if any). If your setting uses it, those with the 'family' role can view posts to the News Feed, but cannot access the child's profile, view the activity feed or previously 'tagged' photos, view or contribute observations, or edit any of the child's information.

If you assign the 'family' role to Grandparents or other family members, let them know that their login will not have access to the child's profile, like the parent role login.

*Note: The Famly role allows those added to see Newsfeed posts after their registration date. It may look empty for now, but overtime it will fill up as posts are made!

What other options are there?

If you want Grandparents and other family members to have full access to your child's profile in their setting, you can choose to assign them a 'parent' role in the app. You can still clearly define their relationship to your child, but this role gives them access to everything that you have access to as a parent, including being able to change the child's information. There is no limit to how many 'parent' roles a child may be assigned.

To change a Family role to a Parent role

To do this:

  • Log into the app

  • Click on your child and then their Contacts tab

  • Choose the contact you wish to change from a family log in to a parent log in

  • Click in the box next to 'Log in', which will now say 'Role: Family'

  • A pop-up will open (as below) where you can select the parent role for that contact person.

  • Finish inviting them by pressing the Save Changes button.

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