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Your Guide to Setting Up the Basics
Your Guide to Setting Up the Basics
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The Get started Menu

The Get started menu is where all of the most basic set-up features are stored. You'll find it by logging in to the app and clicking on the Get started icon (white circle with a red heart) which is the first icon listed in the top left icon bar.


When you're getting set up, not all tabs will be 'unlocked', as you need to progress through them one at a time. For this guide we are focusing only on the Basic setup section. You can find out all about the Finance setup here.

Adding your setting's basic information

We know that not all settings using the app are nurseries, but the first section in the Basic setup section is called Nursery Info. Click on this section, and a new window will open (as below).

Here, you can add information about your setting, such as Name, Address, Contact information, Opening hours, and setting-wide Closing days. You can edit or add to this going forward.

You can also link your Privacy Policy. Once linked, any parents you invite to the app will be prompted to accept your privacy policy when they log in for the first time.

Adding your rooms to your setting

The second section in the Basic Setup section is called Rooms. Here you can:

Add children to your setting

The third section in the Basic setup section is called Children. Here you can:

Add staff to your setting

The fourth section in the Basic setup section is called Staff. Here you can:

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