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Your Guide to Setting Up the Basics
Your Guide to Setting Up the Basics
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Welcome to Famly! Our Setup Guide is here to make sure you get all the key information about your setting onto your platform with ease. Once you’ve completed the guide, don’t worry—you can always revisit your Settings to make any changes later. This article will show you how.


The first section in your Settings is called General. In the Information section, you can add your setting's name, description, address, contact details, privacy policy, and social media links.

In Opening hours, you can add your setting's opening times from Monday to Sunday. Just leave a day blank if you're not open then.

Finally, in Closure days, you can add Bank holidays, Closing days, or Training days.

Add a Room

In the Rooms section in your Settings, you can get an overview of your rooms and create new ones by typing into the Room name field and clicking on Add new room. You can click into each room to enter additional information about that room.

Add a Child

The Children icon in your sidebar leads you to an overview of all children at your setting. You can even filter for upcoming or withdrawn children by clicking on the Status button. To add a new child, click on the Add child button at the top to start filling in their details.

Add an Employee

To add a new employee, click on the Home icon in your sidebar then click on Staff. From here, you'll see an overview of employees at your setting and you can click on Add employee to enter details for another member of staff.

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