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It is only possible to edit staff roles in the Essentials or Premium packages- see more about Pricing

Creating a new 'Role' in the app

To create a new role for staff members, follow the instructions at the link below:

Edit staff permissions

You can give a member of staff more or fewer permissions in two ways. You'll need the 'Manage logins for staff' permission enabled:

Change a member of staff's 'Role' in the app

As your staff develop in their practice, you may promote them to higher positions in your setting and afford them more responsibility. To change a member of staff's 'Role':

  • From the staff member's profile, click on the button next to 'Log in' in the 'Basic Info' section. This button will say 'Role: [their current role]'

  • A pop-up will appear (as below) where you can choose a new role for the member of staff

  • Click 'Save changes' when you've finished

Change the 'Permissions' of a 'Role'

It may be that you do not want to give a member of staff a new role, but just change the permissions of their current one. To do this:

  • Log in to the app and click 'Get Started'

  • Next, click on 'Staff'

  • In this section, you have three tabs. Click on 'Roles'

  • Now you have access to all of the roles in your setting, and you can see who has which role (the photos next to the 'Role' title)

  • Click on the 'Role' you want to change the permissions for and a new pop-up will open, with all of the permissions available,

  • Use the tick boxes to add (or remove) permissions from that 'Role'

  • Click 'Update'

Please note: This will affect every member of staff with that 'Role'

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