Manage Staff Roles and Permissions
Make changes to your staff's roles and permissions in the app
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It is only possible to edit staff roles in the Essentials or Premium packages- see more about Pricing

Creating a New 'Role'

To create a new role for staff members, follow the instructions at the link below:

Edit Staff Permissions

You can give a member of staff more or fewer permissions in two ways. You'll need the 'Manage logins for staff' permission enabled:

Change a member of staff's 'Role' in the app

To change a member of staff's 'Role':

  • From the staff member's profile, click on the button next to 'Log in' in the 'Basic Info' section. This button will say 'Role: [their current role]'

  • A pop-up will appear (as below) where you can choose a new role for the member of staff

  • Click 'Save changes' when you've finished

Change the 'Permissions' of a 'Role'

It may be that you do not want to give a member of staff a new role, but just change the permissions of their current one. To do this:

  • Log in and click on the 'Get Started' icon

  • Next, click on 'Staff'

  • In this section, you have three tabs. Click on 'Compare permissions'

  • Now you have access to all of the roles in your setting, and you can see who has which permissions.

  • Use the tick boxes to add (or remove) permissions from a 'Role'

  • Click 'Save Permissions'

Please note: This will affect every member of staff with that 'Role'

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