Add a room to your setting

Most settings have rooms (or classes) for the children in their settings.

To add a room to your setting, you'll need the 'Create Departments and Groups' staff permission enabled.

To set up your rooms:

  • Log in to the app

  • Click 'Get Started' then click on 'Rooms'. Here you will find a list of your rooms (if you have added any).

  • Enter a room name in the text box and click the 'Add new Room' button

  • Your new room will appear in the list

  • Next, click the cog icon on your new room for 'Settings'

  • A new screen will open (as below) where you can enter the room details

  • When you've finished, click 'Update'

Enable status tracking in your room settings

Some statuses need to be enabled in the room settings, such as the 'washed hands' status. To do this:

  • Log in to the app and go to 'Get Started'

  • Click on 'Rooms' and then on the 'cog' icon

  • A new screen will open (as above), where you will need to click on the tick-box next to the statuses you wish to include tracking for.

  • Click 'Update'

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