Recording when children wash their hands
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Enabling the 'Washing hands' status

Hygiene in settings is so important, especially during the present pandemic, Hand-washing is a key self-care skill and a great way to keep children healthy and clean. To record hand-washing, you must first enable it in your Room's settings. To do this:

  • Log in to the app and go to Get Started

  • Click on Rooms and then on the 'cog' icon room that you wish to enable hand-washing in.

  • A new screen will open (as below), where you will need to click on the tick-box next to 'Washing hands'

  • Click Update

Updating a child's status to record a hand wash

Once enabled, you will see 'Washed hands' as a status option for children, in their status menu. To record a hand wash:

  • Head to the Overview and select the child/children who have washed their hands, by clicking on their photo.

  • You will get the normal status bar on the right hand side, where you can select the 'Washed hands' status

  • When you select the icon, it will log the child/children as having washed their hands. You will see the icon show on their profile photo, and on their activity feed:


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