What are Automatic Room Moves?

As children age, they often move into a new room of the setting. The advantage of using Automatic Room Moves is that the Occupancy Report will forecast exactly how many children you should expect to have in each room. Famly won't actually move the children until you confirm the move, but the Occupancy and Room Planning reports will reflect the projected moves. You then have the option to confirm or to manually override when a room move should take place for a specific child.

How to set up Automatic Room Moves

To set up Automatic Room Moves:

  • Log in to Famly and click on 'Get Started'

  • Under 'Rooms' click 'Room Move Rules',

  • Click 'New Rule'. A new window will pop up

  • Choose the room that children start in, then what the next step is

  • Select the room you want the child to move into

  • Choose the rule that determines when the child will move up. You can select between on a specific day after reaching a certain age or when reaching a certain age.

  • Specify when the move should happen

  • Lastly, select the age of when the rule should come in to effect.

  • Finish by clicking 'Create'.


Upcoming Room Moves

To view upcoming room moves:

  • Log in to Famly and click on 'Get Started'

  • Under 'Rooms' click 'Upcoming room moves'

You will get a list of children including their next room move and the date of this move. The overview is split further into 'Overdue' and 'Upcoming' room moves, in order for you to keep track of who you need to move.

Before a child can be moved, you need to Confirm the move. Click the 'Confirm' button to the right to do so.


Individual Room Moves

You can make an individual rule for a single child which will override the generic move rules created. To do this:

Future room moves

  • Go to the child's profile and click on the 'About' tab

  • Under 'Registration & Room Moves'

  • Click 'New room move'

  • A new window will open (as below) where you can fill in the details

Immediate room moves

If you don't want to use Famly's automatic option, you are still able to move the children manually. To do this

  • Log in to Famly and click 'Get started'

  • Click Children.

  • In the third column, click the room name next to the child in order to select a new room. The change will come into effect immediately.

Changing or deferring a room move

If you need to amend, cancel, or defer a child's room move:

  • Go to the child's profile and click on the 'About' tab

  • Under 'Registration & Room Moves' click 'Change' or 'Remove' next to the room move you need to edit or cancel.

  • If you choose 'Change', a pop-up will open where you can enter a new room or date (or both) for the child.

  • Click 'Save'

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