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Add Children and Enter Their Information
Add Children and Enter Their Information

Add children to the app

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Entering Children's Information

Creating profile's for the children and staff at your setting is one of the first steps you need to complete when setting up, or when a new child starts.
To add children, you'll need the 'Create Children and Staff' permission enabled.
To add a child's information:

  • Log in to the app

  • Click Get Started

  • Select Children from the menu

  • Click on Add child and a new window will open (as below)

  • As a minimum, you'll need to enter:

    • the child's name

    • the room they'll be starting in

    • their start date

    If you wish to, you can also add the child's gender as 'not specified', 'boy' or 'girl' and their date of birth.

  • You can choose to send a log in to the child's parent from here too. You'll need to add at least one parent or carer's name and their email. This enables them to log in to the app and view their child's profile and the setting's feed. This is also an advantage as the parent can complete the child's profile, by filling out the rest of the information for you!

  • Click 'Add' when you're done

Importing children's information from another software

Find out more about importing children's information from another software by clicking the link below:

Importing children's information from a spreadsheet

If you would like to import children's information from a spreadsheet:

  • Log in to the app

  • Click Get Started then Children

  • Click Add child and add a test child (this activates the import module)

  • In the top right corner, click Import

A new screen will open where you can download the file template, to demonstrate how the data on your children should be laid out.
Once you have the children's data in the spreadsheet (according to the example child shown), delete the example child and save the spreadsheet as an XLSX, XLS, or CSV format.

Click Upload on the page to choose your file and add it to the app.

Managing a child's profile and information

You can edit a child's profile or information as needed, to ensure that it's kept up-to-date. Parents can also do this, as they are the experts, but it's also possible for you to manage. To learn more about how to add information or edit a child's profile, click below:

How to change a start date

Sometimes a parent may defer the start date they chose for their child. To change this:

  • On the upcoming child's profile, click on the About tab

  • From the menu on the left, select the Registration and Room Moves tab

  • Next to Registration, click Edit

  • Here, you can change the start date (as below)

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