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Invoice profiles

Invoicing profiles determine the way a bill payer is invoiced. Just tell Famly whether you're invoicing over the full year or just term time; annualised or actuals, and whether any funding grants apply.

  • From your setting overview, click on the 'Get Started' button. You'll find it on the right, next to the purple 'Apps' button.

  • Next, select 'Invoicing profiles' (or 'Billing profiles' if you're in the U.S.)

You will now see the 'Invoicing profiles' menu, with three tabs:

  • Overview- will show a list of all of your existing invoicing profiles

  • Attendance schedules- is where you can create and view which sessions or days the children in your setting can attend. These are required for a new Invoicing profile.

  • Funding Grants- is where you can add and view possible funding for sessions the children attending your setting can receive.

There is a video to the right, to guide you through the feature.

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