Cancelling an Invoice

Before you can change an invoice, you need to cancel it. This is necessary in order to ensure that all sessions and ad hoc purchases are included.

To access Revenue and Debt, you'll need the 'Show Financial Reports' permission enabled.

To do this:

  • Go to either 'Batch Invoice' (in the Revenue & Debt app) and find the invoice


  • Go to the child's profile and click the invoice you need to cancel. You'll find this under the 'Bookings' tab- click 'View account' under the 'Bill payer' section, a a new window will open, from which you can select an invoice to change.

  • The invoice opens in a new window. You have the option of cancelling the invoice by clicking the three dots in the top left of the invoice (as below).


Batch cancelling invoices

If an error is discovered after multiple invoices are sent, it is possible to cancel them in bulk. To do this:

  • Log in to the app and click on the 'Apps' section

  • Select the 'Revenue and Debt' app, then 'All invoicing activity' from the menu along the top

  • A new screen will open. Here select 'Invoices' from the drop-down menu under 'Show', and the select the period you wish to look at under 'Invoice date'

  • Click in the tick-box at the top to highlight all the invoices you wish to cancel

  • In the 'Actions' box, click 'Cancel selected Invoices' from the drop-down menu.

Re-issuing the Invoice

Now the original invoice is cancelled, you can make all the changes to a child's plan and add any ad hoc purchases you need. You can reissue a new invoice when these changes are complete, by following the instructions in the article below:

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