Change or Cancel Sent Invoices

How to change an error on an invoice you've already sent

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Cancelling an Invoice

If you'd like to make changes to a booking plan or to an invoice, the invoice must be cancelled first. There are a number of ways to cancel an invoice on Famly - either vis the Finances section or on the child's profile.

Note: to access the Finances section, the Show financial reports permission must be enabled.
To cancel an invoice:

  • Head to Finances in your sidebar β†’ click on Reports β†’ and select Invoices

  • Use the filters to find the invoice you'd like to cancel

  • Click on the invoice to open it and select Cancel invoice from the ... button


  • Head to the child's profile and navigate to the Bookings section

  • In the Bill Payers section, find the invoice you'd like to cancel

  • Click on the invoice and select Cancel invoice from the ... button

  • To confirm the cancellation you will have to issue a credit note. This credit note will even the balance

  • The credit note will now show in the Bill Payers section with the credited amount

Note: you cannot delete a credit note once it has been issued as it's a receipt of cancellation

Batch Cancelling Invoices

If an error is discovered after multiple invoices are sent, they can be cancelled in bulk. To do this:

  • Navigate to the Finances section in your sidebar

  • Select Reports and go to Invoices

  • Click in the tick-box at the top to highlight all the invoices you wish to cancel

  • Click Cancel selected invoices from the drop-down menu in the Actions box

Re-Issuing the Invoice

Now the original invoice is cancelled, you can make all the changes to a child's plan and add any ad hoc purchases you need. You can reissue a new invoice when these changes are complete, by following the instructions in the article below:

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