The Separate Sign-In Screen
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The separate Sign-in Screen is available on our Premium and Professional packages. Read more about packages here!

The Separate Sign-In Screen:

Besides signing children in and out via their room in the Famly app, Famly also offers a separate sign-in screen to allow parents, carers, and staff to sign themselves (and their children) in and out. Every sign-in and out is saved in the Famly app, providing you with an overview of when the children arrive and when they leave. You can find these details under Attendance β†’ Child attendance.

The password for your sign-in-out screen can be found by:

  • Navigating to your Settings

  • Selecting Sign in/out

  • Clicking on Show password

To access the Sign in/out tab in your Settings, the following permissions must be granted:

  • Manage enabling/disabling features

  • Sign children in and out

You can use an iPad or an Android tablet for your sign-in/out screen. Alternatively, you can use a web browser. It will appear as below:

Setting up the separate Sign-in Screen

Select the type of device you want to use and you'll be ready to go within minutes:

To use the separate sign-in screen, the following permissions will need to be enabled in Get started β†’ Staff β†’ Compare permissions:

  • Access to child information

  • Sign children in and out

  • Staff profile - View

  • Manage enabling/disabling features

πŸ’‘ We also strongly recommend you update your device's software to the latest iOS or Android version to make sure your sign-in screen runs seamlessly.

Signing a child in on the separate Sign-in screen

Parents and staff can sign in, using the separate sign-in screen. To do this:

  • Set up and activate the sign-in screen

  • Click on the room the child or staff member is in, from the home screen

  • Once you're in the room view, click on the photo of the child you're signing in:

  • A new screen will open, where the person expected to collect can be entered, along with the pick-up time.

Once a child is signed in or out, this information will be recorded under their profile picture in the room overview. As well as any additional details such as whether the child is going home with another child that day.

If you'd like to sign children in without needing to enter an expected pickup time, you can switch this option off by clicking on the relevant room from your overview, and then accessing the room settings by clicking the cog icon in the top right corner. From here, uncheck the Parents are required to enter expected pick up box:

Please note, the pick-up times will still show on the sign-in screen, but they won't be mandatory to check.

  • Next click Sign in [the child's name]. The time of the child's sign-in will be registered and a green confirmation box will appear at the bottom of the screen:


Here are a few helpful tips and tidbits about the separate sign-in screen:

  • Please make sure you have updated your device's software so you're running the latest version of iOS or Android - this will ensure your sign-in screen runs seamlessly.

  • In previous versions of the sign-in screen, you were able to add custom statuses. It is no longer possible to log custom statuses in the sign-in screen. But you can of course still do this in the Famly app via the room overview.

  • Parents who also have a staff role with the same email in the same setting can sign their children in and log themselves in as a staff member from the same screen

  • If you are using the open sign-in screen (meaning you do not have the PIN sign-in screen or the QR code sign-in screen enabled), you can see birthday balloons on children's photos when it's their birthday! 🎈

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