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Accessing the separate sign-in screen via a web browser

You can use the separate sign-in screen on a computer or laptop, via the web browser (for example Google Chrome or Safari). To do this:

  • Log into the normal Famly app
    (n.b. we no longer allow the password to be autofilled, or have the 'remember me' option)

  • Go to Apps in the left hand side menu

  • Click on the Sign In/Out app

  • Here you'll find:

    • a link at the bottom of the page called 'Go to Famly Sign-In'

    • The password you'll need to log in to the separate Sign-in screen

  • Click on the 'Go to Famly Sign-In' button and enter the password as it appears in the 'Sign-In password' box

  • Next, click 'Log in'

From here, you'll be able to easily sign children and staff in/out of the setting. These sign in/outs will be reflected in real time in the Attendance and Staff Hours apps.

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