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Setting up your separate sign-in screen with a pin-code

Follow the steps below to get your separate sign-in screen set up with a pin code:

  • Open the web browser on the device (Google Chrome or Safari, for example)

  • Enter the following address in the address bar, where you normally type a website address, and click 'Go'

  • The following screen appears but do not try to log in yet

Adding the separate sign-in screen to your device's home screen

  • Click on the icon in the upper right corner forming a little square with an arrow, or if you're using an Android table, three small dots

  • Select ‘Add to home screen

  • A small window opens, where you can change the app name, if you like

  • Click ‘Add’. Now the Sign In/Out app is accessible from your home screen (called Famly Signin)

Enabling the use of a pin-code on the separate sign-in screen

N.B. This is NOT the same pincode as you use as a way to log in to the Famly app, that you chose yourself.

To enable parents and staff to sign themselves and their children in and out with a pin code, this must first be enabled in the Famly app. To do this:

  • Log in to the Famly app

  • Click on 'Menu' then 'Settings'

  • Select the 'Sign in/out' section

  • Click the button to enable 'Pin code required for sign in'

Doing this will automatically assign each person that has been given a login in for your setting (staff and parents) a pin code they can use to sign a child in and out, in the separate sign-in screen.

Activating the separate sign-in screen, with the Famly app

The separate sign-in screen has to be activated by a manager , or member of staff with the correct permissions. To do this

  • Log into Famly , on the actual Famly app, as you usually do.

  • Go to ‘Apps’ in the left menu

  • Click on the ‘Sign In/Out’ app.

  • At the bottom of the page the password appear in a black box, as below

    This will change daily

Where do I find the Pin Code to sign in and out of the setting on the separate sign in screen?

Each person that has been given a login in for your setting (staff and parents) will now have a pin code they can use to sign a child in and out of the Famly Pin Sign in app. To find this:

  • Log in to the Famly app

  • Clicking on your picture in the top right corner to view your profile

  • Click 'Sign-in pincode'. This pin code is unique to you.

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