Finding your assigned pin code to sign your child in and out of their setting.

If your child's setting has chosen to limit the use of the separate sign in screen with a pin code, you will need to find your personal sign-in pin code. Here's how to find it:

  • Log in to the Famly app with your email and password
    (n.b. we no longer allow the password to be autofilled, or have the 'remember me' option)

  • Click your photo in the upper right corner

  • Click 'Sign-in Pin code'.
    This option will not appear if your setting has not enabled signing children in and out with a pin code

A new pop-up will open, where you see your personal sign-in pin code, which will allow you to sign your child in and out on the separate sign-in screen.

Remember that the code is strictly personal as it links you to the actions performed on the sign in screen. It cannot be changed.

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