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Planning For Days Your Setting Is Closed
Planning For Days Your Setting Is Closed

How to add 'Closure Days' in Famly

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What's a Closure Day in Famly?

Bank holidays, training days, and closing days can be added to Famly to inform the parents when your setting is closed. It is also used for producing correct registers and invoices because children attending all year round will not show in the register on Closure Days. However, you can customise your setup if you want to invoice for a specific type of closing day.

Add Closure Days

To edit closure days, you'll need the 'Edit opening hours, info etc.' permission enabled.

In order to add a Closure Day:

  • Log in to Famly.

  • Select Settings

  • Click on General

  • Click Closure Days and you will find the option to add a new closure day

  • You will be prompted to indicate the reason for the closure day, and then select the type of closure day you are adding - e.g Bank Holiday, Training Day etc.

  • Finish off by pressing Save new dates

Customise which closure days you invoice for

The idea behind choosing the type of Closure Days is that you are able to decide whether or not you want to charge for sessions on a specific closure day. For example, if the children aren't coming in on Bank Holidays but you still want to charge them regardless (if they would otherwise attend on that day), then you can do that.

Let's take the example of a Bank Holiday to set this up:

  • First, you create a closure day (as described above), and make sure you have entered Bank Holiday as the type of closure day

  • Next, you make sure that the bank holiday is included in the attendance schedule, so you can bill for it. Closure days appear as padlocks in your attendance schedule calendar, but they must also be highlighted in purple (as below) if you wish to charge for them.

  • You will need to add the option to charge on Bank Holidays to the session, product, or package.

Click the button below for a detailed guide:

For Actuals Billing

First, head to Get Started Nursery Info to pop the days your nursery will be closed, if you haven’t done that already.

Next, we have to make sure your sessions are set up so that they don’t charge on these days. Go to Get Started → Pricing for this.

Click on a session and scroll down. Make sure the charge for box is unticked for the type of closure day you just added. You can repeat this for all of the sessions, packages and extra charges that you would like to discount on the days you are not open.

And that’s you sorted! Now when you invoice for that period, any child on actuals billing will not be charged for the session.

For Annualised Billing

Children on annualised billing pay the same amount every month, but if you would like to give them a discount over holiday days, there are a few options.

You can add a credit to each child’s plan. To do this:

  • head to each child’s profile and click on their Bookings tab

  • From here, you can click Add Credit and pop in the value you would like to be deducted. This will then come off the total value of next month’s invoice when you send it.

Or, you can do this by adding a bulk discount. This option requires factoring the closure days into the annualised calculation. For example, if you spread 52 weeks of attendance over 12 months of invoices, you could just reduce this to 51 weeks over 12 invoices. This would equate to 5 days of closure as the child would be charged one whole week less over the course of the year. To do this:

  • Go to Get Started → Invoicing. Click on your annualised invoicing profile and reduce the number of weeks the annualised children are billed for.

This method prevents you from having to add credits to the children one by one, and the parent continues to pay the same sum every month.

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