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Managing Cash Payments

Mark cash payments as deposited

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Logging a cash payment

If you accept cash payments from parents, you will need to manually log when this is deposited in your bank account. To do this you add a payment as normal, but select Cash as the payment method.
To log a payment, you'll need the Manage invoices for children permission enabled.

Mark the cash as deposited in your setting's bank account

To access the Finances section, you'll need the Show Financial Reports permission enabled.
To note when the cash is deposited in your bank account:

  • Log in to the app and click on the Finances section

  • Click on Payments

  • From here, you can use the filters to find only the undeposited cash payments (as below)

  • Click on one of these payments, and a pop-up will open (as below)

  • From here you can update this payment to Deposited by clicking on the box.

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