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How to add custom Statuses and assign Statuses to staff

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What's a 'Status' in Famly?

Just like the children in your setting, you can assign a 'Status' to staff, to tell you and other colleagues what they're doing. Looking at the staff below, we can see that:

  • Kevin is off sick, as the thermometer icon over his picture shows his Status as 'Sick'.

  • We can also see that Matt is out on a trip, as the train icon on his picture shows that his Status is 'On a trip'.

  • We can further see that Sam is in the garden, as the leaf icon on her photo indicates her Status is 'Outside'

How can I create Statuses in Famly?

To add a custom Status for your setting:

  • Log in to Famly and open the 'Settings' menu

  • Select 'Rooms' then 'Custom Statuses' from the drop-down menu

  • A new screen will open where you can see all of your current custom Statuses. Here you have the option to chose an icon to represent your new custom Status (and the colour) and give it a name.

  • Choose whether you want your Status to appear in the Activity feed (mostly for child statuses)

  • Click 'Save new status'

  • You can create up to a maximum of 7 custom statuses

How do I change the Status of a staff member?

From the room overview, click on the staff member's profile picture and a black box will appear on the right with a number of icons. Click the Status icon, and you can now register the member of staff as any of the Statuses you have chosen for your setting.


'Sign in/out' times, 'Sick' days, 'Holidays', and 'has child sick' days are stored in the Staffing app.

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