Pricing Groups

Pricing Groups to allow you to charge different rates for different age ranges. To learn how to set that up, follow the instructions in the article below:

Automatic Room Move rules

You can automatically change a child to a new Room in your setting, based on their age. To set that up, follow the instructions in the article below:

Set up Automatic Pricing Group changes

Setting up automatic rules gives you the ability to allow children to automatically move to the next pricing group in your setting, based on their age. This will result in them always being charged the correct prices for their age. To set this up, first add your pricing groups, then:

  • Log in to the app click 'Get Started'

  • Click on 'Pricing' in the 'Finance setup' menu

  • Click 'Pricing Move Rules' in the top right corner

  • Click '+ New Rule'

  • A new window will open (as below) Tick the move to the next pricing group option

  • Select the 'Pricing Group' they will move into

  • Select a move rule

  • Enter when it should happen and click 'Create'

  • Repeat this for each 'Pricing Group'

In order for a session to be 'Automatic Pricing Group' eligible it must be available for all your pricing groups. This means entering a price for all pricing groups when setting up the session. This price can be £0, should the session not be normally available for that pricing group.

On the right hand side, you can select a child to see your pricing groups rules in action.


Activate the Rules

Now you have created the Automatic Pricing Rules, you need to apply them to plans.

  • Go to 'Get Started', then select 'Plans' from the 'Finance Setup' menu

  • To edit a child's plan, by click on their row, and select 'Schedule Change'

  • Change the 'Pricing Group' to 'Automatic' (as shown below).
    If you receive a locked plan message, simply choose a start date that is after the last invoiced period.

  • Click 'Save' when you've made the changes.

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