Managing Parent Requests for Extra Sessions

How to set up and approve requests for extra bookings or products

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This is a Premium feature, available in the Premium Package- see more about Pricing

Enabling Parent-Requested Bookings

Parents are now able to request ad hoc bookings directly. You'll just need to request this is enabled by the Famly Customer Success team.

Setting Up Parent-Requested Bookings

Once enabled you'll need to set up Parent Bookings. To do this:

  • Log in to the app and click on Get Started

  • Next, click on Parent Bookings under the Finance setup tab

  • A new screen will open (as below)

  • Check the enable parent bookings box

  • Next, select a pricing group- it is important to note that only a single pricing group can be used for parent bookings. If you charge different prices for different age groups, you'll have to chose a single age group for parent bookings.

  • Select the sessions you'd like available for parent bookings

  • Select the products you'd like available for parent bookings

  • Click Save when you've finished

Approving Requested Bookings

The sessions and products requested by parents can be found in your Bookings app, where you can approve or deny them. To do this:

  • Log in to the app

  • Next, go the Finances icon and open the Bookings section, then click on Purchases

  • Here you'll find a list of requested and approved bookings (as below).

  • To approve a booking simply click in to it and click 'Approve'. The child will now be booked in for that session or product.

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