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Sharing a Child's Development with Parents
Sharing a Child's Development with Parents
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The News Feed

When you make an observation or assessment about a child, this is posted to the News Feed for parents to view and interact with. You can share what you have observed the child doing and the parents can Like and Comment on the observation.

The Journey Tab and Assessments

Observations and assessments also appear in the child's Journey tab. Again, parents can Like and Comment on these, to share their feedback with you.

Parental Observations

As part of your partnership with parents, you can enable parents to make their own observations about their child. This allows you greater insight into the child's development and interests at home, as well as encouraging parents to really feel involved.

Enabling Parental Observations

You must enable parental observations in your settings. To do this:

  • Log in to the app and open the Settings menu

  • Click on Child development

  • Next, click on Parent observations

  • Finally, click on the button next to Parent observations (as below)

Guidance for Parents

To assist parents in creating observations, we have created an article in the parents' section of the help centre. You can view this article below:

Approving Parent Observations

Parents' observations are not posted directly to the Journey tab or the News Feed, instead you will need to approve them first. You can view and approve pending observations in Child Development.

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