Add a Discount to a Child's Plan
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Creating a Discount

You can create your own bespoke discounts for you setting, like sibling discount, teacher discount, or any other discount you like. To create a discount:

  • Log in to the app and click on the Settings menu

  • Click on Finances and select Discounts from the drop-down menu

  • Here you can enter discounts for your setting (as shown below)

Adding a Discount to a Child's Plan

When sessions are added to a child's plan on their profile, you can add discounts to this. To add a discount:

  • Open the child's profile

  • Select the Bookings tab then click Create new plan next to Plans

  • A pop-up will open, showing the child's booking plan

  • Under Summary, on the left-hand side, Click Add Discount

  • A drop-down menu will appear, where you can select from a list of your pre-set discounts, or add a custom discount by percentage or amount.
    Be aware that only discounts with fixed amounts can be added if the plan is set to use the annualised invoicing method. This is because for actuals plans that are invoiced for only part of a month, the app cannot know how much of the fixed amount discount to give on a particular invoice.

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