Upgrading to Improved Actuals

How to upgrade to the newest version of invoicing in Famly

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What is Improved Actuals?

Improved Actuals is an improved way of managing 'actuals' invoicing in Famly. You can check out the main advantages below.

How do I know if I'm using Improved Actuals or Standard Actuals?

You can check this in several ways:

  • Improved Actuals can only be enabled by a member of the customer success or support team, at your request - they may have referred to it by its old name 'Finance V2', but you will not have Improved Actuals enabled without having spoken to them.

  • You can check your invoices, as shown in the comparison here to see whether you are using Improved Actuals or Standard Actuals

  • If you are still unsure, please contact customer support.

The main advantages of Improved Actuals are:

If you want to use plan parts on 'actuals' invoicing. This is not possible on the original version of finance in Famly. Find out how to set up plan parts on Improved Actuals below:

Very detailed invoices. Find out more about what's included compared to Standard Actuals below:

In Improved Actuals you can allow or remove funding on sessions and plans, without affecting previously sent invoices. To find out more about this, click the link below:

From the 'All invoicing activity' screen you can export a CSV of all invoice 'items' including deposits. To find out how to do this, click below:

In Improved Actuals, your scheduled price changes will update automatically on the date of the price change without the need of bulk updating plans.

How can I upgrade to Improved Actuals?

If you wish to upgrade to Improved Actuals, contact Customer Support, as they can do this for you. There is no extra cost, but please be aware that:

  • With Improved Actuals it is not possible to have annualised billing

  • You cannot bulk update invoicing profiles to an Improved Actuals profile. You will need to update each child's invoicing profile individually to make sure their plan is linked to the new Improved Actuals invoicing profile.

Creating new invoicing profiles

Once the Customer Support team has enabled Improved Actuals, any new invoice profiles you create will automatically use this method of invoicing. To create a new invoicing profile:

  • Click on Get Started in the top left corner of your screen

  • Select Invoicing Profiles

  • Click New

  • Select the Attendance Schedule you'd like to use (there is no need to create new attendance schedules when upgrading to Improved Actuals, you can use any existing schedules that you've made)

  • Give your new invoicing profile a title (it may be helpful to choose a unique title for your invoicing profile that you have not used before so it's a little easier to differentiate between your old invoicing profiles and your Improved Actuals invoicing profiles) and click Create

Now all that's left to do is move your children onto the new invoicing profile you've created. To do so:

  • Head to a child's profile and click on Bookings

  • Schedule a change in their plan or edit an existing plan (if this has not been invoiced for already)

  • From the invoicing profile dropdown on the left, select your new invoicing profile

  • Check that the child's booking is correct and click Save when you're ready

Deleting old invoicing profiles

Once you have moved all the children over to the new Improved Actuals invoicing profiles, you will need to delete all of the old Standard Actuals invoicing profiles. To do this:

  • Go to Settings

  • Select Finances then Invoicing from the drop-down menu

  • From the invoicing profiles, find the old annualised billing profiles

  • Click on the three dots and select Delete

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