Customise Your Setting's Invoice Layout

How to edit what your setting's invoices automatically include

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How do I edit the invoice layout?

You can customise your invoice layout to suit your setting. For example, you can

  • Add your setting's logo.

  • Edit the header and the footer of the invoice.

  • Add direct debit information (in 'Advanced Invoice Settings').

  • Show or hide the bill-payer's balance.

To edit your setting's invoice layout, you'll need the 'Manage Financial and Occupancy Settings' permission enabled.

To do this:

  • Log in to the app.

  • Click Settings, then Finances.

  • Next click on 'Invoicing' and scroll to the bottom of the panel to the right until you see the section called 'Invoicing layout' (as below).

  • Here you can make the changes as described.

  • Click 'Save layout changes' when you've finished.

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