Staff Leave

At the moment there are four leave types available:

  • Sick

  • Child sick

  • Holiday

  • Absent

Staff can see these displayed as below to the left side of their profile

You can log staff leave from a staff member's profile, the room overview page, or using the Staff Scheduler module (on Staff Rotas). Logged staff leave will pull through to all attendance pages, such as the room overview and staffing pages.

Requesting Leave - for Staff

From a staff perspective the leave types can be clicked on from the profile page:

They'll be prompted to enter dates and a reason for leave:

Approval is required for Holiday and Absence. For Sick or Child Sick these are logged as the latest activity on your staff profile without the need for approval.

If the request for leave is approved, the member of staff will get a notification, and the leave is added into their profile. If the request for leave is rejected, the member of staff will get a notification with a note on the reasoning.

Details of leave can be seen on the Leave Overview section of your profile:

Enabling Leave Approval - for Managers

This feature must be enabled separately, in Settings, then the Staffing section.

Note: This is available for settings with a Premium subscription or if you are on Essentials with a Staff Rotas add-on. Learn more about pricing here.

This setting means you (the manager) will get a notification if a staff member requests leave. You can authorise these by going to the Attendance icon and clicking on Staffing. Next go to the Staff Leave tab. Here you can view the details of the request, and decide to Approve or Reject.

Staff Leave Subtypes

You can set sub-types of staff leave to indicate specific reasons for absence such as maternity leave, annual leave, or training.

Note: This is available for settings with a Premium subscription or if you are on Essentials with a Staff Rotas add-on. Learn more about pricing here.

Adding a Subtype - for Staff

You can add a leave subtype at the safe time you add leave. To do this go to your profile and select a leave type on the left hand side. On the window that opens up you'll see the option to add a subtype:

If you have the permissions to view and edit staff leave you can also add sub-types for other people (if you're unsure whether or not you have access speak to your manager). To add a leave subtype go to Attendance → Staffing → Staff leave and see the option here:

Setting Up Subtypes - For Managers

To set leave subtypes up head to Settings and go to Staffing. Here you'll see the option to toggle on Leave subtypes.

Once toggled on a button for New subtype will appear, as shown below. Click here to set one up by selecting the relevant leave type and then naming your subtype. You can also add an optional code if you use those in your payroll system.

These can be used for things such as Maternity leave, Unpaid leave, or Annual leave that fall within an existing leave type.

Once added, the subtypes appear on the overview of attendance on staff profiles, as well as the CSV download available from the Staffing Overview page.

Downloading a CSV file of absence

If looking to download a CSV file of absence you can do this by going Attendance → Staffing → Overview.

Here you can select the date range you'd like to include in the download:

The downloaded file includes info such as sign in and out times, sub-leave type, reason for absence, etc. This can be helpful for payroll.

The Bradford Factor

The Bradford factor is a formula that applies weighting to unplanned employee absence.

It is calculated using the Bradford Formula

  • S is the total number of separate absences by an individual

  • D is the total number of days of absence of that individual

  • B is the Bradford Factor score

The Bradford Factor is calculated on a rolling basis, and uses the past 12 months of data.

Note that sickness, child sickness and absences are included in the Bradford Factor. Holiday leave is not included.

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