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Staff Leave

There are four primary staff leave types available in Famly:

  • Sick

  • Child sick

  • Holiday

  • Absent

These four leave types can be registered on the side and total instances are accumulated on each staff member's profile page

You can log staff leave from a staff member's profile, the room overview page, or using the Staff Scheduler module (on Staff Rotas). Registered staff leave will be indicated on all planning and attendance pages, including Famly Home, room overview pages, and the staffing overview and staff schedule pages.

Registering Staff Leave

When you select a leave type, a modal opens to enter the dates of the leave and a note to explain:

The leave will be immediately registered and indicated across the app, unless the leave approval feature has been enabled (see below)

Leave Approval - for Managers

You can choose to enable a feature that makes approval for leave required. This is an available option for Holiday and Absent leave types. Sick or Child Sick leave are always logged immediately and do not require approval.

To do so:

  • Click on Settings in the bottom left corner

  • Go to Staff

  • Navigate to Staff Leave

  • Then find Approval for leave required

  • Check the relevant box for leave types that require approval

This setting means you (the manager) will get a notification if a staff member requests leave. You can authorise these by going to the Attendance icon and clicking on Staffing. Next go to the Staff Leave tab. Here you can view the details of the request, and decide to Approve or Reject.

For Sick or Child Sick these are logged as the latest activity on your staff profile without the need for approval.

If the request for leave is approved, the member of staff will get a notification, and the leave is added into their profile. If the request for leave is rejected, the member of staff will get a notification with a note on the reasoning.

Details of leave can be seen on the Leave Overview section of your profile:

Setting up Leave Subtypes

You can set sub-types of staff leave to indicate specific reasons for absence such as maternity leave, annual leave, or training.

Note: This is available for settings with a Premium subscription or if you are on Essentials with a Staff Rotas add-on. Learn more about pricing here.

Setting up Subtypes - for Managers

Managers can set up Leave subtypes by heading to Settings → Staff → Staff leave and scroll down to Leave subtypes. Here you'll see the option to toggle on Leave subtypes.

Once toggled on, a button for New subtype will appear, as shown below. Click here to set one up by selecting the relevant leave type and then naming your subtype. You can also add an optional code if you use those in your payroll system.

These can be used for things such as Maternity leave, Unpaid leave, or Annual leave that fall within an existing leave type.

Once added, the subtypes appear on the overview of attendance on staff profiles, as well as the CSV download available from the Staffing Overview page.

Adding a Leave Subtype

Managers have the option to add an available subtype when registering leave on behalf of staff members. Staff do not have this option visible in order to ensure that the correct subtypes are used.

To add a leave subtype, go to Attendance → Staffing → Staff leave, click the '...' and click on the leave entry or select Add leave subtype

Downloading a CSV file of Staff Leave

If you're looking to download a CSV file of all staff sign in and out times, scheduled time, break time, and staff leave, go to Attendance → Staffing → Overview. Select the date range that you would like to include in the download.

If you would only like to download a CSV file of Staff Leave, you can do so by clicking on the Export CSV button on Attendance → Staffing → Staff Leave. Select the date range that you would like to include in the download.

Entering Leave on Closure Days and Weekends

Leave registered on configured closure days, are counted towards the staff leave totals that are accumulated on staff profiles.

Weekends will not be included in leave entries, unless your nursery has been set up to include Weekend Support as a configuration (please reach out to support@famly.co if this is something you'd be interested in enabling).

If you do not want staff leave registered on a closure day to be included in their leave total, then do not include these days when registering leave, delete an existing leave entry from the staff leave page and register it again correctly, or remove the specific leave date from the nursery or staff's calendar.

How to Delete Leave

Leave can be edited by any staff member with the necessary permissions:

  • View staff leave records and

  • Edit staff leave records

There are two ways to delete an existing staff leave in Famly:

  1. from the Staff Leave page, and

  2. from the nursery Calendar

From the nursery Calendar:

If you want to remove specific days of leave (e.g leave registered on a closure day), the nursery Calendar is the recommended approach since the exact date in question can be removed without needing to delete the full entry. The calendar also indicates any closure days set up for the nursery.

  • Go to Home → Calendar

  • Select the nursery setting from the drop down

  • Navigate to the date of the Holiday, Sick, or Sick Child leave(s) you want to delete

  • Click Remove and confirm the deletion of the leave entry

  • The leave will no longer be included in the leave balance or on the attendance/schedule areas

From the Staff Leave page:

  • Go to Staffing Staff leave

  • Use the order functionality ( the arrow next to Staff) and date filter to find the leave

  • Click the “…” and press Delete

  • The leave will no longer be included in the leave balance or on the attendance/schedule areas

  • If the leave dates needed to be amended, you can now go to the staff member's profile page and add a new leave with the correct information.

Leave Ranges

If you need to have a different time period for leave than Sept 1 to Aug 31, there are options in Famly. Contact support@famly.co about turning on staff leave range periods of

  • Jan 1 - Dec 31

  • Apr 1 - Mar 31

  • May 1 - Apr 30

The Bradford Factor

The Bradford factor is a formula that applies weighting to unplanned employee absence.

It is calculated using the Bradford Formula

  • S is the total number of separate absences by an individual

  • D is the total number of days of absence of that individual

  • B is the Bradford Factor score

The Bradford Factor is calculated on a rolling basis, and uses the past 12 months of data.

Note that sickness is included in the Bradford Factor. Holiday leave, child sickness and absences are not included.

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