Add a Contact for a Child in Your Setting

To add an additional contact to a child in your setting, you need to have the contact's name and their email address, as a minimum. To add a contact:

  • Go to your child's profile and then the Contacts tab.

  • Click New Contact

  • Add the contact details and assign this contact a login. You can choose:

  • Click Create

Allowing Parents to Add Other Contacts

If you choose, contacts with a Parent role can also add additional contacts to their child, and invite them to Famly. To do this:

  • Click into the settings menu, indicated by the cog icon

  • Click on Parents

  • Then click on the Parents' invitation rights button

Send a Login to Famly to a Child's Contact

If you have enrolled a child to your setting from Enquiries you will then need to send their parent a login to Famly. You can give the contact access to the child's Profile by;

  • On the child's profile, click on the Contacts tab

  • Click Send Log in, next to the contact you wish to invite.

  • A new window will open (as below) where you will need to assign this contact a role. You can choose from:

    • Parent

    • Family

    • Pickup

  • Select the role you wish that contact to have and confirm their email address if you haven't already entered it.

  • Click Send Invitation

How do I Delete a Child's Contact Person?

You can find out how to delete a child's contact person below:

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