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Adding and Inviting Contacts for Children in Your Setting
Adding and Inviting Contacts for Children in Your Setting
How to add contacts to the children at your setting and invite them to Famly
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Add a Contact for a Child in Your Setting

To add an additional contact to a child in your setting, you need to have the contact's name and their email address, as a minimum. To add a contact:

  • Go to your child's profile and then the Contacts tab.

  • Click New Contact

  • Add the contact details and assign this contact a login. You can choose:

  • Click Create

Allowing Parents to Add Other Contacts

If you choose, contacts with a Parent role can also add additional contacts to their child, and invite them to Famly. To do this:

  • Click into the settings menu, indicated by the cog icon

  • Click on Parents

  • Then click on the Parents' invitation rights button

Send a Login to Famly to a Child's Contact

If you have enrolled a child to your setting from Enquiries you will then need to send their parent a login to Famly. You can give the contact access to the child's Profile by;

  • On the child's profile, click on the Contacts tab

  • Click Send Log in, next to the contact you wish to invite.

  • A new window will open (as below) where you will need to assign this contact a role. You can choose from:

    • Parent

    • Family

    • Pickup

  • Select the role you wish that contact to have and confirm their email address if you haven't already entered it.

  • Click Send Invitation

How do I Delete a Child's Contact Person?

You can find out how to delete a child's contact person below:

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