Lockdown and childcare settings

During lockdown your setting may be closed, but there are things you can do remotely:

Do your staff a device they can use?

If you or your staff need to access Famly outside of your setting, they'll need a device to do this on. Here's a handy guide on what devices they can use for Famly.

Do your staff have permission to access Famly outside of your setting?

It might normally be required for your members of staff to be signed into the nursery premises to be able to access their account. To change this:

  • Log in to the app and go to your 'Settings' menu

  • Next, click 'Staff'

  • In the Staff screen, click the 'Manage Roles' tab, from the top bar.
    Here you need to make sure each staff member has the permission Can access Famly without being signed in ticked, allowing them to log in off-site.

Does everyone know their log in credentials?

To log in off-site staff will need to use their email and password to log in, instead of their usual 4 digit pin.

  • If your staff member has forgotten their password, they can receive a reset password link by clicking on the Forgot Password? button on the login page.

  • If they don’t know which email address they are registered with, you can see it by navigating to ‘Settings -> Staff’ and finding them on the list. Make sure that they use the exact email address they registered with as their username.

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