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Welcome to Famly!

Firstly, this video will give you an introduction and a run through of how to get your Famly platform set up.

Setting up your Free Package on Famly

This article will take you through the basic setup of Famly. Specifically:

  • Adding nursery info

  • Adding children

  • Adding staff, sending logins, and viewing staff permissions

For quick access to Famly, please save as a bookmark in your browser. If you're on a mobile device, our app is also available in the iOS App Store, the Google Play store, as well as the Amazon App store.

Adding your setting's information

The first thing to get set up is your setting's information. To do this:

  • Log in to the app and click on Get Started → Nursery Information

Here you can add all basic information about your early years setting, including some info that will feed into scheduling such as Opening hours and Closure Days, as well as adding a link to your Privacy Policy. You can also edit or add to this going forward.

Add children to your setting

Ensuring you have correct and up-to-date information about the children in your setting, is key to providing the right care. To add a child:

  • Log in to the app and click on Get Started → Children

  • Click on Add child in the upper right hand corner

  • A new screen will open:

  • Fill in the child details and click 'Add'

  • The child will now appear in your list of children, as well as in their designated room.

These are just the basic details needed in order to set up a child's profile. Once added you can click the child's name which will take you to their full profile. Parents can also add further information once they have been invited.

You can always come back to this page to add further children, or get an overview of Current Children, Upcoming Children, or Withdrawn Children by using the filters in the top left corner.

You can invite parents by clicking on the Invite parents button in the top right corner, or by clicking in the 'Send login to parent' box when adding the child.

Add staff to your setting

As well as the children in your care, you can also keep all your staff details in one place, in the app. To add staff:

  • Log in to the app and click on Get Started → Staff

  • Click Add Employee

  • A new screen will open (as below)

  • Fill in the staff details and click 'Add'

  • The staff member will now appear in your list of staff, as well as in their designated room.

Giving your staff access to Famly

If you want to give the staff member access to Famly, click Send Login, select the appropriate role, and click Send Invitation.

You can choose to give them access as:

  • A manager

  • A senior practitioner

  • A practitioner

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