Registering a Child's Temperature

How to register a child's temperature in Famly

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How to Set Up the Register temperature feature

You will need to enable the Register temperature feature in Famly. You'll find this in the Settings menu for each room (shown as a cog icon, in the top, right-hand corner of the Room view). Under Statuses, click in the box next to Register temperature to enable this feature.

How to Register a Child's Temperature:

  • When you're in the room overview, select the image of the child whose temperature you will be registering

  • The menu will pop up with the option to change the child's status.

  • Select Status then Temp. check from the menu- this is only possibly if you've enabled the feature by following the instructions above.

  • A new window will open, as below, allowing you to record the child's temperature.

Take care to enter the temperature accurately- It’s possible to delete a temperature from the activity feed afterwards, but not to edit it.

Where do I find a record of temperatures registered?

A temperature check will show as an icon on the child’s profile image and will appear in the child's activity feed (as shown below). This is visible to parents, but they do not get sent a notification.

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