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The Activity Planner is available on the Famly Premium package- see more about Pricing

Where do I find the 'Activity Planner' in Famly?

The 'Activity Planner' in Famly is where you can plan activities, note themes or topics, add continuous provision, and other things happening in your setting. To find your 'Activity Planner':

Simply log in to Famly, and click on the 'Apps' section, then select the 'Activity Planner' app.

Currently, this can only be used on desktop.

What is the Activity Planner?

With the Activity Planner, you'll be able to create a weekly schedule of activities and continuous provision for the children in your setting, with notes and activities to share both internally and with parents.

Among other things, the Activity Planner will allow you to:

  • Create a different schedule for each room

  • Copy schedules to other weeks and/or rooms, so you don't have to start over every time

  • Choose which rows you make visible to parents and which ones are only visible to staff

How do I create an Activity Plan?

To create a week plan, go to the 'Activity Planner' and select the room, and the week you're creating the plan for. You can then:

  • Add sections to the week based on how you plan for your setting, for example:
    - the time of day
    - the type of activity
    - the area of learning
    - where the activity or provision takes place
    When adding a section, you can choose if the section should be visible to parents or if it should only be visible to staff.

  • Click on the building brick icon to add activities from the 'Activity Library.'

  • It is also possible to add notes to the week plan.

  • When you've finished, click 'Publish week'. When a week plan is published, parents with children in the given room can always view it (except sections marked as “invisible to parents).

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