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Gain inspiration for activities for your setting, and add your own too

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In the Activity Library in Famly, you will find a pool of ideas and activities you can use with the children in your setting. You are able to 'like' and comment on the activities you discover.

Where do I find the Activity Library in Famly?
Simply log in to Famly and click on the Learning icon, then select the Activity Library tab.

To manage the Activity Library, you'll need the 'Manage activity library' permission enabled.

How do I find an Activity?

To find the type of activity you need, you can search by:

  • key words

  • age group

  • curriculum area (EYO area)

How do I add my own activity?

You can add your own activities to the activity library. To do this:

  • Click New activity in the top right-hand corner and a new pop-up will open (as below).

  • Staff with permission to manage the activity library will be able to upload a custom image or video when creating a new activity.

  • Fill in the fields that relate to this activity underneath.

  • If you want to keep your activity just for your nursery, simply click Create!

  • If you want to share it with other practitioners in other Early Years settings using Famly, click Create & make public.
    If you choose to make your activity public you cannot change this later on.

  • Note that only the author is able to edit their activity after it is created.

How do I share activities with parents at my setting?

It is possible to share activities, whether they're Famly's preset ones or those you've created yourself, with the parents, via your setting's NewsFeed. To do this:

  • Start by making a new post on the News feed.

  • Click the Activity button (in the centre, between next to the 'upload' and 'Live' buttons).

  • A new window will open where you can browse through and add one or more activities to the post. Just click Add to post under the activity.

  • You can also write a description with it the activity, to let your parents know a bit more about it.

  • When you click Post, parents (or your chosen recipients) will be sent to the page showing the activity description.
    Please note: when you first add the activity to the post, it will appear as a long link. However, when you click post, these will be transformed into embedded links.


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