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What is Famly Live?

This tool allows you to live stream with the children who are at home. It could be a 1-1 chat, or a bigger group, depending on who you choose to send the link to.

How to start a Famly Live session

Start on your Newsfeed, and similarly to making a post or observation, start by choosing the recipients. These are the children, or group that you wish to join the stream. Enter your message into the text box and then press the 'Live' button. This will add a button to your post. Click 'post'.


Once you post, the link for your Live meeting will be active for 5 minutes. Recipients will get a notification immediately. You are able to have up to 16 people's videos on one Live meeting, and it will look like this:


You are able to turn the microphone and camera on and off as you wish and change your settings by clicking the little cog. Click the red 'End' button to leave the meeting.

Setting up permissions for Famly live

You can choose which members of staff are allowed to host a Famly Live meeting. This is found in Get Started > Staff > Compare Permissions:


Famly Live works on the following browsers/apps:

Mac/Windows browsers - Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge.

iOS v 13+ (iPhones / iPads) - Will open up in a browser (safari) when joining a meeting from the app.

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