Assigning Roles to Children's Contacts
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Roles that children's contacts can have

Contacts assigned to children in your setting have roles which determine how much information about the child they can view or change.

The parent role

With the parent role has access to everything regarding the child. Both photos, posts, private messages, invitations and the profile of the child. If you allow this in the app, parents can also add other contacts.

The family role

Those with the 'family' role can view posts to the News Feed, but cannot view the activity feed or previously 'tagged' photos, view or contribute observations, or edit any of the child's information. This role is often assigned to Grandparents or other family members, and has no access to the child's profile, like the parent role login.

The pick-up only role

This role has no login, so this contact has no access to the app.

Emergency contacts

Any Parent or Family contact can be marked as an emergency contact for a child. To do so, head to the child's profile, click on Contacts, select a contact and click Edit. Now, scroll down to the Emergency contact section ad check the box to tick it. Remember to save your changes when you're ready!

Emergency contacts will be highlighted with a red asterisk next to their name:


You can add a bill-payer to a child's profile without them being a contact. Find out about adding a bill-payer here:

Invoice recipients

A child's contact can be an invoice recipient without being a bill-payers. Find out about adding an invoice-recipient here:

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