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This is a function available to those assigned a 'Parent' role in Famly- if you are a practitioner wishing to share a photo with a parent (or group of parents), you can post the photo to them directly.

How to tag a photo of your child, from your setting's news feed

You can 'tag' photos of your child that you see in the setting's News Feed, to save them to your child's Profile.

To tag a photo:

  • Find the photo in the news feed of your child that you wish to add to their profile (as below)

  • Click on the photo to expand the image (as below)

  • The tag icon will appear on the bottom left corner of the screen (magnified and ringed, for clarity).

  • Click on this to save the image to your child's Profile. You can also un-tag by clicking the same icon, to remove the image from your child's profile (although it will stay in the News feed)

How to view photos of your child in Famly

For privacy and security reasons, we recommend keeping as much in Famly as possible - as long as your child's setting does not remove your login, you will be able to access your child's profile and view these photos indefinitely. Only those with a parent role log in can view a child's profile and photos (not the 'family' or 'pick-up only' role).

To view photos of your child in Famly:

  • Log in to the Famly app

  • Click on your child's Profile

  • Select the 'Activity' tab

  • Scroll down, and their photo album is on the left-hand side (as below)

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