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Your Guide to Planning

Get an overview of key places to use for planning

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Sign In/Out app:

This app, which is downloaded outside of your main app, allows you to sign children and staff in and out of your setting so you can keep track of their actual attendance. It also connects directly to the live evacuation list in the Lists section. To find out more about the Sign In/Out app, click below:

Parental Permissions:

This section allows you to send out permission requests to parents. For example, can they go on a school trip? To find this overview go to Home β†’ Children β†’ Permissions. The answers (or lack thereof) will appear both on the child's profile and can be filtered in the Lists section under the Reports icon. To find out more about the Parental Permissions, click below:


The documents section can be found under the Home icon and allows you to share documents with other members of staff. The app is for staff use only. To find out more about Documents, click below:

Holiday RSVP:

Here you can request holiday RSVP from parents for their children for certain periods. To find this overview go to Home β†’ Children β†’ Holiday RSVP. This way you can ask ahead of time whether a child will be in or not and plan accordingly. To find out more about Holiday RSVP, click below:

The Learning Icon:

This section's tools allow you to track, review, and post observations as well as track progress and view next steps. This section also includes the Activity Library and Activity Planner so that you get an overview of what to do each day. To find out more about Child Development click below to find content specific to your region:

Room Planning:

You can use Room Planning as your register. It shows when and which children are due to come in, organised by Room and Age Group. Find it under the Attendance icon. Additionally, you can see how many staff you require for the day. To find out more about Room Planning, click below:


Keep track of potential future children joining the nursery. To find out more about the Enquiries, click below:

Occupancy Planner:

This planner uses the maximum capacity figure you entered for each age group or room in your setting and compares it to the plans of the children assigned to that age group or room, which gives you an overview of the places left for new children and/or ad-hoc sessions.

Activity Library:

Here you can get ideas for activities you can do with your little learners. Like and comment on your favourite ones! Find it under the Learning icon and to find out more, click below:

The Finances Icon:

This section allows you to keep track of all financial transactions, including invoices, payments, balance adjustments, and public funding. Many of the reports found in this app are exportable for use in outside accounting systems. To find out more about the the Finances Section, click below:

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