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Where do I find 'Enquiries' in Famly?

In order to keep track of potential future children joining your setting, we have the 'Enquiries' app. You can find it:

Simply log in to Famly, and click on the 'Apps' section, then select the 'Enquiries' app.

How do I see an overview of potential new-starters in my setting?

On opening 'Enquiries', you will see your key statistics along the top (as below).

Below this, you can see the details of children who may potentially start at your setting. You can filter by:

  • Creation date

  • Status

  • Potential child start date

  • Source (how they found your setting)

  • Pricing group (based on the plan they would be put on, were they to start at your setting)


How to add a new Enquiry

You can log new enquiries in Famly, to keep on top of contacting potential parents, and make enrolling a new child a smooth process. To add a new enquiry:

  • In 'Enquiries', click on 'New enquiry' on the right hand side. A new window will open (as below)

  • Enter the information you have about the child in the relevant boxes

  • If you wish, book a show-around time for the family to see your setting

  • When you're finished, click 'create'. This will add this child to the list of potential starters in 'Enquiries'.

Creating a child Profile

Once you have completed the information in the new enquiry form, a Profile for the child will be created. If you click on the child's listing in the enquiry app, this profile will open and you will be able to enter further details about the child and their requested booking pattern. This means you will be able to give the child's parents a quote for their childcare.

Once you're ready for the child to start at your setting, all you have to do is open the Profile (by clicking on the enquiry) and click 'Enrol' on the bottom, right.

Add an enquiry form to your website

You can use the 'Website Form' link in 'Enquiries' to allow interested parents to send their information to 'Enquiries' in Famly straight from your setting's website. To set this up:

  • In 'Enquiries' click on the 'Website form' link, to the right of the screen

  • A new window will open (as below) with the unique link for your setting

  • You can either
    - copy the link and share it with interested parents directly
    - add it as a link on your website.


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