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Leaving Famly

What do to if you're thinking of leaving

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Have you spoken to us?

If you're reading this article, you may already have been in contact with your account manager or the Support Team, but if not, now's the time to get in touch.

How to give notice

  • If you pay monthly, you must give one month's notice. Your subscription will end after the remainder of the current month + one month. For example, if you give notice on April 15th, you will still have Famly for the remainder of April + May until May 31st.

  • If you pay annually, check the terms in your contract as to how long your notice period is.

In either case, notice must be given in writing, to

How to download your information

  • Learning journeys can be downloaded in PDF format. You can do this from each child's Journey tab, on their profile. Consider doing this before ending your subscription, so you can send the PDF's via Famly to the parent(s)

  • All financial reports can be exported as CSV from Finances, then Reports and Invoices.

  • All child and staff data can be downloaded as a CSV or PDF by going to Children, then Lists.

  • Accident reports can be downloaded by going to Children → Safeguarding → Accidents, then clicking on Download as CSV

  • Other information can also be downloaded from the respective apps, so be sure to check each app for everything you need, for example, retrieving your enquiries from the Enquiries app.

    *Make sure you let parents know that they will lose access to their child's profile, photos, journey, and any other information once your subscription ends.*

Making final payments

We will cancel your direct debit if you're signed up, but if not, please make sure your balance is paid up-to-date before the end of your final month with Famly.

What happens to all the data once I leave Famly?

Of course all child, parent, and staff data is permanently deleted once your setting is removed from Famly.

However, we save some customer, subscription, and billing information for book-keeping purposes.

Selling your nursery

If you are selling your nursery and the new owners are going to continue using Famly, please consider the following points:

  • Please provide us with confirmation in writing, together with documentary evidence of the sale.

  • If you have a Direct Debit or other regular payment set up with us, please cancel this after your last payment has cleared.

  • If the sale is a Share Purchase Agreement and you are transferring the full platform to the new owner, please consider downloading any information you might need to retain for your own records.

  • You should also delete any records, i.e. Left Children and Staff that the new owner would not need or should not have access to.

  • If you are taking ownership of a nursery including the Famly platform, make sure you remove any logins for users who will not need access after the sale has been completed.

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