The Revenue and Debt app

The Revenue and Debt app is for all of your financial activity. You can find it by clicking on the 'Apps' menu and selecting the 'Revenue and Debt' app. The app is made up of several different parts, described below.

To access Revenue and Debt, you'll need the 'Show Financial Reports' permission enabled.

The Revenue Report:

This report shows invoiced revenue, and forecasts future revenue according the sessions, products, discounts and public funding added to children's plans and ad hoc purchases. It also includes an option to enter a budget. Learn more about the Revenue Report here:

The Debt and Invoicing Report:

This report offers an overview of bill payers with outstanding invoices. Here you can keep track of which invoices have been paid and which are overdue. You can learn more about the Debt and Invoicing Report here:

The Public Funding Report:

This report allows you to keep track of the amount of funding you are giving children and the amount of funding you can claim as revenue from your local council. Learn more about the the Public Funding Report here:

All invoicing activity:

This page allows you to export four types of reports (payments, bill payers, invoices) which can then be imported into accounting systems. If enabled for the setting, this also the place to download direct debit files. Additionally you can quickly add payments to children, invoices or bill payers from this page. Learn more about the All Invoicing Activity view here:

Batch invoice:

From this page you can send out batch invoices for multiple children for specific invoicing periods. Additionally, you can add items such as credits or surcharges to the bill payers from this page. Learn more about Batch Invoicing here:

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