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Upgrade from Premium to Professional
Upgrade from Premium to Professional
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£149 per month
/month + VAT – Billed annually

£199 per month
+ VAT – Billed annually


£219 per month

+ VAT – Billed monthly

Payment terms apply, you can read more about our pricing here.

Extra features

Moving from Premium to Professional gives you the complete, seamless software package that includes all of Famly's time-saving features.

Upgrading to the Professional package will give you access to all features included in both the Foundation and Premium packages, as well as:

Parent partnerships

Child development

Effortless admin

Efficient staffing

  • Show and plan all upcoming hours

  • Oversee staff absences and holidays

  • Request and approve leave, including part-days

  • Let staff see their holiday balance

I'd like to learn more:

  • Visit our pricing page to find out more about how to upgrade

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