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Famly is introducing a Live Translation Tool to make sharing child updates with non-native speakers a whole lot smoother.

The Live Translation Tool is available by default as part of our Professional package and can be purchased as an add-on by Premium and Foundation customers for £20 per site per month. If you are interested in purchasing the Live Translation Tool, please reach out to support@famly.co.

Currently, translations are available for newsfeed posts, observations, and messages.

How to enable the Live Translation Tool

Before the Live Translation Tool can be enabled by individual staff members and parents, a manager will need to toggle it on from Settings. To do so:

  • Scroll to the Communication section within your Settings

  • Click on Newsfeed

  • Check the box to agree to the terms and conditions and click Confirm

  • Click the toggle to enable live translations

To enabled live translations of messages, click on Messaging and follow the same steps as above:

Toggling on live translations will allow staff and parents to customise their translation language in their own settings. To enable the Live Translation Tool in your Profile Account:

  • Navigate to My Account by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner of the app

  • Click on Language and Translations

  • Scroll down to Translation Language

  • Click on Edit to open the language drop-down list

How does it work?


The Live Translation Tool will detect the language your browser or device is set to and ask you to confirm whether you'd like posts on Famly to be translated to match this language.

If the tool is unable to detect your browser or device's language, you will still be able to translate the post by selecting the language manually.

Once you have selected your preferred language, you will see a 'Translate post' button appear under posts going forward in your preferred language:


The translation tool works in exactly the same way for observations:

Once you have selected your preferred language, the same 'Translate post' button will appear under observations going forward


Messages can be translated by:

  • Going to your Inbox

  • Selecting a message thread

  • Finding the blue banner that asks if you'd like to set a Translation Language within your Messages page

  • Click Set language and select your preferred Translation Language from the list

Once the Translation Language has been set, you will be able to translate messages one at a time. The Translate button appears under each message but does not translate the entire thread.

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