Where do I find the Apps?

You have a number of sub-apps within your main app. The planning apps help keep your Setting on track. To find the apps:

  • Log in to the app

  • Click on the 'Apps' menu to the right of the screen.

  • A new screen will open, showing your apps (as below)

The Lists app:

It is possible to filter information in your app by using ‘Lists’ to gather groups of children and to save as a PDF. To find out more about the Lists app, click below:

The Occupancy Report:

The 'Occupancy Report' shows daily, weekly, or monthly percentages of attendance and FTE (Full Time Equivalent) details for each of your age groups or rooms. To find out more about the Occupancy Report, click below:

The Attendance Report:

The Attendance Report stores the details about the children's attendance in your setting. This includes sign in and sign out time, holidays, and days of sickness. You can see the details for the entire setting, a single class or a single child. To find out more about the Attendance Report, click below:

The Attendance Statistics:

This app shows you graphs representing the average attendance for children in the setting for a chosen period. You can also view the average attendance of staff.

The Famly Report:

The Famly report is a simple app that allows you to see which Parents and Employees are not using Famly. To find out more about the Famly Report, click below:

The Staff Hours App:

You can see the entire staff's working hours, including sign-in and out times, as well as registrations of sick days or holiday days, constitute the overview of working hours. To find out more about the Staff Hours app, click below:

The Famly Pay App:

Setting up Famly Pay offers speedier payments for parents by debit card, credit card, and direct debit, directly in the app. Parents can pay their outstanding balance with just a couple of clicks or automatically by direct debit, without any manual work from you. To find out more about the Famly Pay app, click below:

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