Where do I find the Attendance Report?

The Attendance Report stores the details about the children's attendance in your setting. This includes sign in and sign out time, holidays, and days of sickness. You can see the details for the entire setting, a single class or a single child. You're also able to look at child attendance from previous dates. To find your Attendance Report:

Simply log in to Famly, and click on the 'Apps' section, then select the 'Attendance Report' app.

Get an overview of the expected and actual child attendance

On opening your 'Attendance Report', select a date using the arrows in the top left corner. You can see the details for that week on a room level, and at the bottom, you have the details summarised for the entire setting. At the top right, you can find key for the symbols you'll see in the attendance report.
Missing Holiday Reply’ is linked to another app called ‘Holiday RSVP’ and ‘expected attendance’ is based on the plans you've created for the children.


You can get a detailed overview by clicking the name of each room in your setting This expands a drop-down view of the room, to show the children in that class.

From this view, you're able to see when the child signed in and out on a specific day. You can also see if the parents have added holidays for the upcoming days

The total amount of time a child was signed in is summarised in the column to the right.

Edit the information about a child on the Attendance Report

If you need to change the information about a child in the Attendance Report, you click on the child's name, on the day in question. A box appears (as below), which gives you the opportunity to either 'Edit', 'Add' or remove sign in or out times, 'Add a holiday' day, or a 'Add a sick day'.


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