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How to add custom Statuses and assign Statuses to children

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What's a 'Status' in Famly?

You can assign a 'Status' to children, to record (and share with the child's parents) what they're doing. The 'Statuses' assigned to children appear around their photo in the Room Overview, and also appear in their Activity feed. Parents can choose to receive a notification when their child's 'Status' changes.

In the picture below, we can see that all the children have eaten today as they have the cutlery icon around their photo indicating the 'Meal' Status. We can also see that Gary is outside, as his Status shows a leaf icon over his photo, indicating the 'outdoor' status, and Eli and Finn are asleep currently, as the moon icon shows their Status is 'Asleep'

How can I create Statuses in Famly?

To add a custom Status for your setting:

  • Log in to Famly and open the 'Settings' menu

  • Select 'Rooms' then 'Custom Statuses' from the drop-down menu

  • A new screen will open where you can see all of your current custom Statuses. Here you have the option to choose an icon to represent your new custom Status (and the colour) and give it a name.

  • Choose whether you want your Status to appear in the Activity feed

  • Click 'Save new status'
    You can only have a maximum of 7 custom statuses.

How do I change the Status of a child?

From the room overview, click on the child's profile picture and a black box will appear on the right with a number of icons. Click the Status icon, and you can now register the child as any of the Statuses you have chosen for your setting.

How do I remove an incorrect status?

You can remove an incorrect status in the 'Attendance Report' app. To do this:

  • Go to the 'Attendance Report app'

  • Select the date up in the right side of the screen

  • Open the drop down menu beside the room

  • Click on the attendance of the child whose status you want to change (as below).

  • A new window will open with a 'remove' button, next to the logged status.

PLEASE NOTE: If you accidentally change a child's status to 'sick' or 'on holiday', the child will automatically be signed out of the setting. As well as following the steps above to remove the status, you will need to ensure the child is signed back in.

Statuses in the Activity feed

The Activity tab on a child's profile will show their Statuses (in the order in which they were applied), along with a timestamp. You can also update a child's Status from here, by clicking 'Add' then choosing a Status from the drop-down.

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