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Managing Allergies in Famly

How to manage information about children with allergies in Famly

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Staff members can be set up to view or view and edit allergies. To set them up with the relevant permissions, head to Settings → Staff → Roles and permissions → Compare roles. From here, navigate down to the Sensitive info section and open up the dropdown list.

If you would like staff to be able to view child allergies, but not edit them, select the Child allergies and dietary considerations - view permission only. If you'd like them to be able to view and edit allergies, check the Child allergies and dietary considerations - edit permission in addition.

Remember to update your changes to save them when you're done!

Information about a child's allergy

In Famly, information about a child's allergy is stored in their Profile, under Health in the About tab. A child's contacts who have been assigned a Parent role can add allergies to their child's Health information. If an allergy is added by a parent, or a staff member adds or updates and allergy, you will receive a notification.

Where can I see whether a child at my setting is allergic to something?

In the Room Overview

The room overview shows a child with allergies or dietary considerations. When the child is signed in, an icon next to the child's name will indicate whether they have any allergies or dietary considerations. You can then click the child's photo to view their Profile (in the 'Health' section of the 'About' tab) for the details.

  • Red - Allergies

  • Blue - Dietary considerations

Creating a list of children with allergies

You can use the Lists function to create an overview of the children in your setting with known allergies. To do this:

  • Via the Children icon enter the Lists function.

  • Select 'New list' from the top right corner, then select 'Children' from the drop-down menu.

  • Give the list a title, such as 'Children with allergies'


  • To the top left of the screen there are two options, 'Filters' or 'Columns'.
    Click on the tab called 'Columns'

  • Scroll down the rows of tick-boxes on the right-hand side until you see the section called 'Health information'

  • From the 'Health information' section, tick the box called 'Known Allergies'

  • There will now be an extra column on the list you're looking at, showing the allergies of the children who have them.


  • Next, go back to the top left of the screen where the two options, 'Filters' or 'Columns' are. This time, click on the tab called 'Filters'

  • Check that under the title 'Status' the box called 'Current' is ticked. This is so you see children who are currently enrolled in your setting.

  • Scroll all the way to the bottom of this tab and click the button called '+ Add filter'

  • A pop-up will open (as below)

  • Scroll down to the Health Information section, or type 'allergies' in the search bar, and click in the tick-box called 'Known allergies'

  • Next, click 'Update'

  • Now, under the two tabs at the top left, you have a filter for 'Health information'. In the drop-down box under 'Known allergies'. Select 'Yes'.

  • Your list will now show only the children with allergies, and what those allergies are. You can even filter further by room or tag.

  • To refer to this list at a later date, save the list in your 'Lists' app by typing a name in the box (as below) and clicking 'Save'

Meal Plans

You can use the 'Meal Plans' function to create a specific menu for one child, or a group of children with the same allergy. To do this:

  • Via the Home tab open the 'Meal Plans' function and click 'New' in the Meal Plans box, to the left of the page

  • A new window will open, where you will enter who this meal plan is for in your setting. Choose who the meal plan is for

  • Enter their specific meal plan, taking their allergy in to account.

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